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Friday, February 01, 2008

pjk Show 310108

Here is me raving on about my new cam toy....Introducing the Disgo Video Plus.
The Disgo Video Plus is a small, light weight, take anywhere camcorder.
The Disgo Video Plus is a bargain at £70 rrp.
Order yours from myDisgo.com

Click Here To Download


Mick Roberts said...

Is that Disgo plus any good, it looks ok?
U invited me off youtube, but I don't know if I replied correctly.
And what pizza firm do u work for, u look familiar?

andypiper said...

Yeah, I did a little review of this camera too, it's pretty neat.

andypiper said...

I posted my last comment before watching your whole review... I really liked the screencast you did showing how to use it with a Mac, and I liked the comparison too. Good work.

June Alija said...

After reading that this recorded for 6 hours I found it did not read a 4 gig SD card so got a 2 gig. Been unable to record to that as seems to only record to internal memory. Did say in literature that it did that then went on to the SD card but I need it to go direct to SD card - can anyone help? Need more than one hour.

Paul Knight said...

HI june,
Yes what happens is you record onto the 512mg on board then save all to sd memory clear the internal and start again, an repeat until the 2gb card is full. Unfortunately if you want to record something that is more than 1/2 an hour continuously you wil have to spend some hard earned cash and get one of those lush HDD cams from sony panasonic or JVC for about £500, the disgo at the end of the day is but a toy in comparison.

Barry said...

I realise u posted this way back in Feb, but I've been looking around at the various flip/disgo gadgets - and found your review very useful, esp the side-by-side quality shot. nice one :)