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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Re-Run week 2006 "Mowing Video" Thursday

Re Run Week 2006

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This Video came about, due to a post I made to the group about an American Guy who was sueing Apple for loss of hearing, stating that the volume on his ipod was the equivalent too a Jumbo Jet taking off, I merely Commented that I couldn't hear my music over my lawn mower so mine must be faulty, to whit someone, I think Bill Streeter, urged me to make a Mowing Video, which I did, with the usual pjk-twist at the end. This is also my first in Widescreen.


Desertnut said...

Hi Paul, I remember this one...That's when I started watching your movies. This was one of my favorite videos you made.

David Meade said...

first off: Wow an electric mower ... I'd SO mow over the cord if it were me.

Second: the last part there was great. Just when you thought it was over. :-)